You are the rich person Jesus was talking about

Hillary Clinton is running for president.  She tells us that she relates to and will fight for us in the middle class.  She says that she and President Clinton were broke when they left the White House.  That was obviously before her 12 million dollar book deal and receiving $200,000 for each speech she gives.  And before you get happy or upset over my Hillary illustration, let’s move on.

It’s easy for us to pick out rich people and view ourselves as poor.  It’s easy for us to pick out people who have done very bad things and see ourselves as a good person.  We rarely pick out a very good person and compare ourselves to them.  We rarely pick out a very poor person and see ourselves as the rich person.  Someone at the mission the other day said he doesn’t come to church because of all the hypocrites.  People rarely say, “I don’t go to church because I’m not worthy to be in the same room with those people in church who live out their faith.”

When Jesus said it is so hard for the rich (materialistically) to get to heaven, most of us do not understand that He was talking about us.  We pick out the people with more material wealth than ourselves and insert them in the story as the rich.  We put people like Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates in the ‘rich’ category.  I only make $– a year, I’m not rich.  We think because we have a difficult time paying our cable bill or paying to fix one of our cars, we are not rich.  We think because we have credit card debt, we are among the poor.

But we who have been to Haiti understand who the rich are and who the poor are.  The truth is, if you have a bed to sleep in and food to eat, you are among the wealthier people in the world.  And living in relative comfort makes it difficult to turn your life over to Jesus.  When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose if you turn your life and possessions over to Jesus.  When we have comfort and possessions, it’s much more difficult to become a follower and to be obedient because Jesus may call us to sacrifice some of our comfort and possessions.

And God help you if you live in America, have finished reading today’s blog, and still want to argue that you are not rich.  That’s the talk of the devil. There’s nothing wrong with being rich.  Just be aware that you are and understand how difficult that makes it to have a close walk with Jesus.





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One Response to You are the rich person Jesus was talking about

  1. Amy Cowgill says:

    I debate this with my students often. A free American education is something that they don’t realize how fortunate they are to have. They complain because they have to get up early and we give them homework, stay on their case, and want them to LEARN. The audacity. Meanwhile, as I was listening to a local missionary talk about her work in a school in the Sudan, her students faced the possibility of capture by the Sudanese army for just trying to GET to school. As Americans, we are all spoiled. We just need to be better at counting our blessings and thanking God for them, then learning to share our wealth and resources with others.

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