When you can’t GIVE it away

“The best dinner available in the Cumberland statistical area is in Short Gap tonight.  No offense to the local restaurants, but you cannot beat the simmered pork loin, that is then cut against the grain and mixed with the perfect BBQ sauces to make our pork bbq sandwiches.  Add to that, if you wish, an award winning homemade cole slaw that you have to taste to believe.  And who doesn’t like cheese covered fried potato cubes?  I hesitate to even mention this because it will go so fast, but there is also brownie cheesecake!!!   Don’t worry, we will have plenty of other desserts.  This is all free and not just for our church. It’s open to the entire community.  We love seeing first time guests!  We do put out a bucket that you can toss a couple of dollars into that helps pay for the food and also helps support our feeding ministry at the Union Rescue Mission.”

Tonight we will have our weekly community dinner at the church.  And we will have somewhere between 60 and 100 people for dinner.  I am not exaggerating that if we were in some parts of the world and made this known, there would be people who would walk 10 miles to get a meal like that.  There would be thousands of people who would show up and we’d need Jesus to pull a “fishes and loaves” miracle to have enough.  And that’s the truth.

The average person around us doesn’t need a free meal.  We have food.  A free church dinner doesn’t excite us if it’s at our church, let alone if it’s at someone else’s church.  We’re doing just fine, thank you.

And that’s the way the Good News of Jesus is received in our communities and our country.  Who NEEDS Jesus?  Give the Good News to someone who needs it; we have everything we need.  We have more than enough.  We are doing just fine, thank you.

And they have no clue what they’re missing.




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