The front line

I read an email this morning from someone and they were talking about Haiti.  They said they longed to be on the front line.  To quote them, “…my mind racing with images of the children in my mind and the constant longing to be back there (in Haiti) on the front line.”

It reminds me of a quote by Rick Warren (purpose driven life author), “The strength of an army is not determined by the number of people who sit and eat in the mess hall.  It’s determined by the number of people willing to go to the front line.”

We often think of the front line as a far away place.  And it occurred to me that many of us were on the front line at the Union Rescue Mission last night as we served Jesus’ love in the form of pork bbq (there were so many people receiving it that we ran out of Jesus’ pork bbq kind of love and had to resort to His lasagna kind of love for the last few people).  I was on the front line as I had the privilege of preaching the Good News before the people at the mission last night after the meal.

The front line in God’s army is not necessarily a far away place.  It’s wherever we are, because He is with us and satan is always battling us.  So wherever you are and wherever you go, remember that you will be on the front line today.  Be prepared.




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