You are God’s Masterpiece

IMG_3400This past weekend someone asked the question, “Which is easier: to believe you are a sinner or that you are God’s masterpiece?”  Both are true of those who call Jesus their Lord, of course.  But it’s easier for me to believe that I’m a sinner and more difficult to believe I’m His masterpiece.  We only become His masterpiece by acknowledging that we are a sinner.  But once we do, and once we are forgiven through the shed blood of Jesus, we are created anew – made into His masterpiece.  When we fail to believe that we are His masterpiece, we are casting doubt on Him, not on ourselves!

I am not his masterpiece because I’m a good person or any better then anyone else.  It’s because of who God is and who I am in His eyes as He sees me because of Jesus.  And the same for you.  If you love Jesus and call Him your Savior, you are a masterpiece.  And while we should hope that day by day we are able to become more like Him, and less controlled by sin and fleshly ways, it does not make us any more of His masterpiece.

Just as a little oak tree will grow to be a big oak tree one day, it’s an oak tree no matter how big it is.  We don’t say it’s 1/10th of an oak tree.  No, it’s an oak.  And you and I are not masterpieces because we have ‘arrived’, but because of who the artist is and because He calls us His – His child and His masterpiece.

Now say it to yourself.  “I am God’s Masterpiece.  He made me and He loves me.”  And no matter what anyone else thinks of you, you can believe it because He said it.




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