It’s Zombie Awareness Month

May is not a month to trim trees and bushes, you trim your outdoor trees and shrubs in any month that ends in “r” starting in September.  I’ll tell you what month it is, though.  According to Wikipedia, May is:

  • ALS Awareness Month (United States)
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Asthma Awareness Month
  • Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month
  • Celiac Awareness Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Haitian Heritage Month
  • Hepatitis Awareness Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • Lupus Awareness Month
  • Motorcycle Awareness Month
  • National Bike Month
  • National Guide Dog Month (2008, 2009)
  • National Mobility Awareness Month
  • Zombie Awareness Month
  • National Foster Care Month
  • National Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Facebook will be covered with many of these this month.  Once in a while something goes viral, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last year.  I’d venture to say every disease has a month that some people want to raise awareness of.

One day this will be unnecessary.  One day, God’s Word says there will be no more wars and no more tears.  There will be no more cancer, no more racism, and no more foster care needed.

Until then, we pray for peace in this world, pray for an end to diseases in this life, and hold fast to the belief that all of this has already been defeated on the cross in the life to come.




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