Why would you give away $250 in pizza to people in low income apartments?

Last night at our church board meeting I asked the church to pay for 50 pizzas so that some people in our church can deliver them to 50 apartments near our church.  The apartments house some people who are addicted to drugs.  The apartments house some people who have very limited income and would move from there if they could.  And someone from our church has a heart for those people.  They already went there and knocked on every door and gave them flyers and peanut butter eggs.  The next step is to deliver them Little Caesar’s Pizza one evening.

One person asked a logical question, “Why is this person doing this?”  After a nice explanation from one person who knew the whole story, I said that the reason could be summed up in one sentence.  “The Lord is leading her to do this.”

I’d love to change the way we do our board meetings.  Instead of asking who is for and who is against something, we should ask, “Who thinks the Holy Spirit is leading us to do this at this time?” and “Who thinks the Spirit would not have us do this at this time?”  I regret that I’ve never stopped a board meeting before a discussion or a vote and asked the Spirit to help us.  And it’s not that any of our votes have been contentious.  They’re almost always unanimous.

The problem is that we in the church can sometimes act like a bunch of ninth graders, jockeying to get our way.  It should not be that way.  We should all be listening for that still, small voice.  And we should only do things because God tells us to through His Word and through His Spirit.




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