Help is so near

grillYesterday the local volunteer Fire Department/E-Squad put on a motorcycle ride to help with a $1,000 scholarship for a local high school student.  There were probably 15 of them working it at a local bar Uncle Joe’s Woodpile (who donated the food!)  After the ride there was food that was included in the cost of the ride.  Things were going very smoothly when one person yelled, “Call 911”.  It was not a joke.  Someone had collapsed.  Some of the paramedics and EMT’s ran out to the ambulance (yes, it was on site) and grabbed a life pack, others of them ran to the unconscious person.  And we were all thinking “Call 911?  911 is already here!”  Help was already on the scene.  As it turns out, the “patient” was just overheated and passed out.  The patient was OK.

The person was calling out for help not realizing help was already there.  It makes me think of how often we go through the trials and storms in life and don’t understand that God is already there.  He is never far away.  He is here today and in ways that our limited minds cannot comprehend, is already in tomorrow.  He is here with me as I type this blog post and is also at the same time in Haiti with my friends as they worship Him this morning.  He was with the people in Africa as they worshipped Him 7 hours ago when it was morning there.

What a comfort to know that the Creator of the earth and of each of us did not simply set the world in motion and create us and forget about us. He is always near. He is with you right now.  You can talk to Him and you don’t even have to yell.




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