For God’s sake, let’s live like we have the Holy Spirit within us

I wish I could remember where I heard this certain sermon, but I can’t.  The preacher was talking about a family he knew. It was a mom, dad, daughter, and son.  The daughter was dating a guy who the parents didn’t approve of. He had been in all kinds of trouble. The dad talked to this preacher and wanted to know why she was dating the boy when she knew better. The dad wanted to forbid her from dating him and the preacher said that wouldn’t work. The preacher said he knew why. He said it was because she was bored and found the boy exciting. The preacher told the guy that they needed to offer something more exciting than the boy.

The dad went home and started scouring the internet.  He finally found something he felt God leading them to do.  So he called a family meeting.  He proceeded to tell the family that God had given them a mission.  They were going to help an organization build an orphanage in an impoverished country.  And by help, he meant that the family was going to raise all the money and when it was finished they were going to go and see it.  The mom thought the dad had lost his mind.   How much would it cost?  $150,000 the dad replied.

While the mom was freaking out, the kids were yelling and screaming with excitement.  The teenage daughter said she could get her church youth group involved doing fundraisers, the younger son said he could begin by making posters.  The family was going to be responsible for building an orphanage.  And they did.  And when it was done, they went there and took toys to the kids.  The boyfriend didn’t go.  As a matter of fact, he was out of the picture very soon after the “we’re building an orphanage” announcement was made.  God used the undesirable boyfriend to help the preacher encourage the dad to find the project that God wanted them to do.  God works in mysterious ways.

IMG_3462I think the American church is dying because of boredom.  I’m convinced that if we would be the church that God calls us to be that the American church would be thriving.  If you had a church with 10 people who believed they were called to change the world and began living like it, how long do you think they would have 10 people? It would see Biblical growth. We are called to be a church of action, a church unafraid of failing and unafraid of succeeding.  A church that does more outside the church walls than inside of them.  Potlucks are not cutting edge evangelism.  If you’re going to do a Bible Study, do it at the local laundromat.  For God’s sake, let’s live like we have the Holy Spirit within us.  And if we do, not only will we be revived personally, but our churches will be as well.




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3 Responses to For God’s sake, let’s live like we have the Holy Spirit within us

  1. Gwen Hardage-Vergeer says:

    This is a very powerful message. If it was written about my family I think it would have taken a bit longer for the teens (three, in this case) to come around, and maybe one of them wouldn’t even have totally come around until we were working with the orphans and he could have seen what an impoverished life they led, or possibly it wouldn’t be until our return home and he could feel embarrassed by the extraneous wealth and waste and could wish he was with the orphans who had adored him just for being there and building something wonderful for them. I did take my oldest boy to El Salvador on a mission trip awhile back, and he was touched by Jesus’ message before, during and after, and probably will be yet to come. Yes, it was more powerful than a potluck (come to think of it, I can’t even remember what I brought to the last potluck…..). -Gwen

  2. coachbarr says:

    I am probably missing something but I wonder if it has to do with the 20% rule for text inside a thumbnail?

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