My first rebuke from Facebook for a Christian post?

notapproved notapprovedaYour friends didn’t see my blog yesterday.  I wanted them to.  Two times before I have spent $40 to “sponsor” my blog on our church Facebook page.  That means friends of people who like our church FB page have it come up in their timeline.  Once before I had 500 people read it in one day when I paid to have “friends of page followers” see it.  I wondered what happened yesterday.  I had two people who fell under the ‘friends of page followers’ who clicked “like” and then nothing.  It was an average day number wise.  Then this morning I found out that my ad was not approved.  No reason.  Just not approved.

It ran for just a little while and then was literally pulled from Facebook.  Keep in mind, they didn’t pull the original post.  They just said it didn’t fit their advertising guidelines and would not advertise it.  I am shocked.  It’s not even one of my more offensive posts!  And so it begins.

I hope you might read yesterday’s blog, you’ll find it here.  Tell me why you think they pulled the ad.




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