I Need a Miracle

Do you need a miracle? I know the One who can provide it.  Hear about a miracle as you read my friend’s blog today:

What am I thinking


I can still remember the first day that my husband (still feels weird to say) and I first met. I can remember exactly where we were at, what car he was driving, what he was wearing, what I was wearing, and everything about that day. I honestly knew that he was going to be the one my world would stop for from that day on. Some friends and a few of my family were at the old Mason Elementary school playing basketball and planning on playing football later. I was sitting on the porch of one of the modular buildings there when Andy pulled in. He was driving his dad’s big blue old beaten up truck. I couldn’t help but notice him the minute he stepped out and shut the door. From that instant I was infatuated with him. To this day I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was…

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One Response to I Need a Miracle

  1. Zelpha says:

    So inspiring and educational. Just growing spiritually every time I read your blog. May the good Lord give you more and more showers of blessings each day. Thanks. Zelpha.

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