In twenty years…

Last night at a church board meeting someone optimistically said, “Where this church may be in twenty years…” If God saw fit, I could still be alive and still be the pastor here.  On the other hand, by that time Jesus may end life as we know it by returning to call His followers home and judge those who have not put their faith and trust in Him.  (The end times described in the book of Revelation sounds a lot like nuclear weapons, but I digress.)

We often say “in five years” or “in twenty years”.  Many people right now are counting down the days til summer vacation.  And it’s not unwise to think about and make plans for tomorrow or for the next month or the next five years.  As a matter of fact it’s unwise not to make plans.  The “pastor committee” at the church recently set short term plans for me: church directory, church email blasts, get the multi-purpose facility started, and get the care team started.

But just because we can make plans for tomorrow, we must not put off until tomorrow what we should do today.  I have people tell me all the time that they’ve been meaning to go to church or get back to church.  And I don’t pretend to believe that going to church is the sole evidence of salvation, but I do believe that not going to church could be introduced as evidence of the absence of salvation.

If you’ve been thinking about going to church or going back to church, I encourage you to quit putting it off.  If you already go pretty regularly, God may be using today’s blog to call you to go more faithfully.  And if you do, only God knows where this church (or the church you attend) and even you yourself may be in twenty years because of what God has done in and through you and your obedience.




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