Selfies, Selfie Sticks, and the Gospel – change

selfieWhen I was young we had cameras.  Not cameras built in to phones, but actual cameras.  All they did was took pictures.  They didn’t even do video.  But they did have timers.  And if I wanted a picture of Diane and I, I would find a flat rock, trashcan, parking meter, etc, and set the camera on it, set the timer, and run like my pants were on fire to get in the picture before it snapped.

There were so many times I wished I had my camera with me and I didn’t.  Now, of course, most all of us have cameras with us all the time in our phones.  And now they sell collapsible rods to hold phones out far enough to take pictures of ourselves.  And the pictures are now are called “selfies”.  I was taking selfies before, I just didn’t know what they were called and I got exercise while doing it.

Cameras have changed and how we look at the pictures has changed, but the premise is still the same.  You take a picture and you have a memory right there in front of you.  Or today, for the whole world to see.  Our country and world has changed and is changing at an accelerating rate.  The church is also changing.  There are very few people who pick up a hymnal on Sunday mornings here at the Short Gap Church.  They read the lyrics from a projector.

The one thing that will never change (until Jesus returns) is that the world is full of sin because the world is full of sinners.  And sin’s not a popular word any more.  But the church that Jesus began has never been about appealing to the masses and to the world around them…. until the American church today.  The Bible tells of many times when people walked away from Jesus and the church.  Today we act as if it’s not OK if people say no to the church or to Jesus.  Today many believe we must bend over backwards to make sure the Gospel does not offend anyone.  And that’s not the Gospel.  The Gospel calls people to turn from their own ways, from their sin.  And that is going to offend many people.  People will mock us.  But we don’t show love by leading people to a false Jesus.  We don’t show love by leading them to believe that they are OK and don’t need to repent and don’t need to change.  The most sincere love is the love that is willing to be honest with people by telling them of their sin and telling them of the forgiveness available through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross.  And that will never change.

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
~ 1 Corinthians 1:18








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