The problem is not the confederate flag

I’m waiting for the oil to be changed in Diane’s car. Her car just needs this routine maintenance. Other people are sitting here with serious car troubles. While they may be able to use an oil change, that won’t fix their problem.

CNN is on the TV here in the dealership and they are talking about removing the confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds.  I’m not making an argument against that action, but in the big picture that isn’t going to make any difference.  While it may make some people feel better, it’s not going to solve anything. The flag issues, the race issues, the gun issues, the abortion issues, the sexual immorality issues, the drug addiction issues in our country…..  those are all just symptoms. We can remove flags, outlaw guns, make drugs illegal (or legal) or take whatever other actions we consider humane or moral, and they are not going to solve anything.

The root of the problem is one our society is not willing to hear:  It’s a spiritual issue.  As our country turns farther and farther from Jesus Christ, things are only going to get worse.  We have allowed Islam and Wicca to be just as relevant or irrelevant as Jesus. And even most of Jesus’ followers are guilty by diluting the power and deluding the truth of the Gospel.  By doing so, we are diluting and deluding our only hope.

So take down the flag, that won’t remove the hate.  Outlaw the guns, that won’t stop people from killing each other. It’s like getting an oil change when you actually need a new motor. All of these are symptoms of a heart problem. The only cure is to turn our evil hearts over to Jesus.

“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?” ~ Jeremiah 17:9




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