Changed lives to change lives

Pastors are no different than anyone else.  Sometimes we all get discouraged.  God encourages me in various ways.  I hope you can see how He encourages you in different ways at different times when you need encouraging.

One of the ways He encourages me is by allowing me to see certain people on Facebook.  Last night one of my friends Andy posted pictures of his kids on carnival rides at a fair.  And then he posted pictures and video from the Christian music group “For King and Country” who was playing at the fair.

Then this morning, Andy’s wife Dawna writes this ending to a story from her work that she shared on Facebook:

…(this stranger) then goes on to say “God is going to bless you greatly”.  Him saying that is all that I have thought about since that moment. In my mind, God has already blessed me greatly! I guess, sometimes I forget about what’s yet to come, including the glory of heaven!

Andy and Dawna along with their kids were part of the reason that God sent Diane and me to pastor the community of Mason eight years ago.  God changed their lives through Diane’s life and my life (along with others in Mason who have had a great influence on them).  Two years ago, God saw fit to move us from there.  And it’s so encouraging for me to see Andy and Dawna still post these types of things on Facebook.  I understand that they are just like the rest of us, facing challenges, but God keeps reminding me that it’s His people that matter and that while we left, He has not left Andy and Dawna and our time there was well spent.

And that would have ended today’s blog, but you will never believe who just sent me a Facebook message that said, “Thank you”.  Literally, just sent it as I’m getting ready to post this.  Go ahead, guess.  I haven’t had a message from Andy since April 21, and as I’m just writing about he and Dawna, he sends me a note that says “Thank you” as I’m working on this blog post.  You can’t make this stuff up.

We serve an amazing God.  And He will not let you down.  He will lift you up.  He will see you through.  When you ask, “Where are you, Lord?” you can rest assured that He is there.  Thanks Andy and Dawna for allowing God to use you to encourage me.




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