He will take you back

Yesterday we were in the mountains of Haiti working at a mobile health clinic.  Obviously I wasn’t much help on the medical part. They were going to see over 300 people at the clinic. My job was to tell people about Jesus. I told a group (through a translator) that they would receive medicine from the doctors and get better, but they may get sick again.  I told them I know the great healer that heals our brokenness and cleanses our hearts. 

One of the people I was able to talk with one on one was John Baptiste.  That’s actually a popular name in Haiti.  A few years ago he became a Christian when he gave his life to Christ at a crusade.  He went to church with his wife and things were well.  Then his dad was killed. John Baptiste was distraught and walked away from the church and from God.  His wife is still a Christian and goes to church.  She was thrilled we were talking to him.  I asked him if he thought it was possible that God would have sent me from my home in the United States to the mountains of Haiti at that very moment for the sole purpose of telling him that Jesus wants him back.  He said anything was possible with God.  I asked him if I could pray with him to ask Jesus to forgive him and welcome him back into His good graces.  John Baptiste said yes and we prayed for that.

 It’s amazing how God could have used anyone to reach John Baptiste, and He decided to use someone from the mountains of WV to reach one of His sheep that had strayed in the mountains of Haiti.

He is a gracious God who is abounding in mercy.  And He also sets up divine appointments. 




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