All’s quiet in the sanctuary

Our church has been very active today for a Friday.  There’s been a truck bringing supplies from the food bank, people doing a deep cleaning of one of the rooms, someone checking on the water situation from some rain water getting in the social hall, and someone else who I think just stopped to go to the bathroom.  And this is only what I’ve seen today.  In my office, I can see everyone coming and going.

I’ve been in the sanctuary doing a little reading.  The thing I notice is that nobody who comes into the church on a Friday comes into the sanctuary.  And I feel the Holy Spirit moving to have us start something different.

Here’s what I’m supposed to propose. When anyone comes into the church through the week for any reason:

  • board meetings
  • trustee meetings
  • pprc meetings
  • UMW meetings
  • Women With Faith meetings
  • dropping off juice
  • bringing in clean dish towels
  • work the food pantry
  • and all the other reasons people come to the church through the week

sanctuaryI’m going to ask that everyone go to the sanctuary and pray before they do what they came to do.  Doesn’t this make sense?  And I know many of you who read my blog don’t go to church here.  Why don’t you suggest this in your church?

My prayer is that church sanctuaries would not be the most desolate place in the church through the week, but the most active.  It will change the way we look at what we came to the church to do.




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