Who’s in this class because it’s required?

Diane is taking a math class at Frostburg State University.  She is taking it because she has to take a math class to get her Sociology/Anthropology degree.  Her advisor who helped her with her schedule told her that it was the best class for those who just needed credit for a math class.  Diane said the professor asked the class who was there because they just needed a math class for their degree and 90% of the class raised their hand.  The bottom line is that a single math class is required and this is the easiest math class to pass. I don’t blame Diane or the others in this case.  Math isn’t their major and it’s not even an important thing in the career that their degree will lead to.  For Diane and most in that class, Math is a hoop they have to jump through to get what they really want.

As a pastor in the American church that’s how I feel about a large percentage of church people.  If I asked, and if people were honest, I believe a large percentage of any church in America would hold up their hands and admit that they were living enough of a Christian life to meet the minimum requirement – taking the “easiest course to meet the requirement” if you will.  Attending just enough church, doing the minimum, giving the minimum, praying the minimum, reading a minimal amount of the Bible, and hoping they pass.  And if that’s not you, then don’t be offended.  And if you’re offended by that statement, you’d better ask yourself why.  A “C” is not a Christian’s goal.  The Christian life is pass or fail.








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2 Responses to Who’s in this class because it’s required?

  1. Interesting thought with a deep reality check

  2. David Cartwright says:

    Keep up the good work, brother. I am thankful for your work.

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