Prayer at a high school football game – What we believe

Tomorrow night we will have prayer before a high school football game.  We will pray The Lord’s Prayer.  And we’re not doing it to make anyone uncomfortable or to upset anyone.  We not doing it to put on a show.  We who are praying it are praying it because we believe it.  We believe it:

  • In spite of the chaos of this world
  • In spite of cancer
  • In spite of babies dying
  • In spite of evil
  • In spite of our own doubt
  • In spite of others’ disbelief
  • In spite of imperfect churches full of imperfect people who can’t seem to even get along with each other.

We believe that this earth and solar system did not just happen to hit the one in a gazillion lotto that allows human life to exist.  We believe this world and our lives in it are too amazing to happen by chance and that it had to be made.  We believe there is a Creator who designed this world to support life, a Creator so large and so powerful that it is impossible to know Him unless He makes Himself known to us.  And we believe that is exactly what He has done.  We believe that He wanted to show us who He is and He did so through Jesus Christ.  And we believe that it was His choice to reconcile us to Himself by the shed blood of Jesus on the cross.  We believe that when we turn from our own flawed ways and ask for forgiveness, He is faithful to forgive us.  We believe that when our earthly bodies die, our faith and trust in Jesus will allow us to live forever with Him, even though we’re not really sure what that will entail.  We believe the Bible conveys all of this to us, even though we only understand it in part.  And finally, we believe that He wants us to tell others about Him… and about this opportunity to not only put their faith in this Jesus so they can be forever with Him when this life ends, but to have Him walk through this life with them, as we believe He is doing with us.

frankfortfootballThe majority of us who will be praying tomorrow night believe all of the above.  And we will pray not in order to offend those who don’t believe, even though we may.  We are praying to publicly profess what we believe and to witness to our faith.  And if by chance, our Heavenly Father decides to move among the fans and reach one or two of them through our prayer, then to Him be the glory.  We believe He might.




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