Is that thing you forwarded really true?

This morning I read something that someone forwarded on Facebook.  My friend was one of 200,000 people who had shared it.  I thought it sounded sketchy so I googled the “facts”.  It turns out it was not true.  There’s an old adage that if a lie gets repeated enough it becomes the truth.

The same thing is happening in the church.  There are lies being repeated over and over in our society and the church is beginning to believe the lies and, God help us, repeat the lies.  Aside from the moral issues like sexuality and abortion, many in the church are telling the lie that other religions are just as valid and relevant as Christianity – that all religions are equal.  To believe that the Christian faith worships the one true God is considered arrogant, judgemental, and unloving in our society.  And if you’re against any false teaching now, they call you a “phobe” (like Islamophobe).

So to be politically correct, a majority of the church is now professing our Christian faith as one of many valid faiths – one of many ways to worship the same God.  The problem is that it’s a lie.  We don’t worship the same God.  It’s just becoming believable to so many because the lie keeps getting repeated and forwarded.  The majority (not every single one, but most) of people who have worked their way into leadership positions (read bishops, conference staff, etc) in most denominations today have done so by believing and repeating the lies.

I read a great quote from George Orwell.  He wrote,

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act…and the truth teller is looked upon as lunatic.

I remember getting into a pretty heated argument with a teacher in a seminary class about Jesus being the “only way”.  My friends thought I was being a jerk because I kept arguing with a teacher who would only say, “Jesus is the only way for me… other people and other faiths may have a different way”.  While I know I’m not right about everything, I don’t know how you can read the New Testament and believe there are many ways to be reconciled with God.  If there were and are other ways, God would have been a fool to send Jesus to the cross to make Christianity just another religion and just one of many ways.




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2 Responses to Is that thing you forwarded really true?

  1. Alma Mater says:

    Jesus is the only way for me… what a piece of double talk that is! Thanks for standing up for truth!

  2. My pastor just finished a series about this, your example was a good way to bring up the topic. I like the quote you put in your post, it truth speaks wonders (and I do not regard George Orwell for a lunatic 🙂 ). Your last sentence definitely proves your point!

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