Rescuing night crawlers

When we get a lot of rain the night crawlers (aka fishing worms) come to the surface of the ground and many end up on the asphalt church parking lot.  Most times I walk around and pick them up and put them back in the grass, as I did this morning.  The parking lot is huge and without my intervention most of the worms will perish.  Some will be eaten by birds, some will be run over, and others will simply die from exposure.  They really have no idea of the fate that awaited them without my help.  (I know this illustration falls apart when you think of the worm’s self-awareness, etc, but roll with me on this).

I can picture myself and others being like those worms in a way.  We’re going about life doing what comes natural and following our instincts.  And seemingly out of nowhere, there’s a Savior that has plucked us out of the abyss.  Why me?  It’s certainly nothing I’ve done.  I don’t know what part we play in our own salvation by our faith, but just as surely as I know I’ve saved those worms from perishing, Jesus has saved me.  While I’m aware that I’ve only saved them for a little while, He’s saved me for eternity.  And while their job is not to now go see other worms saved (giving glory to me), my job is to see other people saved, giving glory to Jesus – the One who saved me.  And if you have been saved by Him, it’s your job, too.




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One Response to Rescuing night crawlers

  1. Great metaphor! You really let me see how God might view us, He is only saving us out of the good of His heart and nothing that we have done. Its these everyday things that lets us see Him. Good post and keep on writing! 🙂

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