The road to hell is marked with signs that say “heaven”

oprahDo you remember watching the Road Runner and the Coyote and the Road Runner would always turn the signs?  He would point the sign that says “This Way–>” over the cliff.  And what would happen?  The Coyote would follow the sign over the cliff.  And by the time the Coyote realized he had been duped, it was too late.  The other day I listened to a sermon from Francis Chan and he said one of the most amazing things.  He said:

“The road to hell is marked with signs that say ‘Heaven’.”

There are people, including pastors and including celebrities (who may even claim they are Christians), and they will tell you that all religions are just different roads that lead to the same place – that lead to God. You just have to obey your conscience, listen to your heart, and be sincere.  And that’s a lie from the devil.  The Bible tells you  that your heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) and evil thoughts come from your heart (Matthew 7:21).  Your heart will lie to you.  Pastor Matt Chandler is famous for saying, “Who has lied to you more that you?”

I hate the thought of people going to hell.  I wish I didn’t believe it.  I wish that every person we love who has died is in heaven waiting for you and me.  But to think that is just allowing the enemy to lead us astray.  Satan is the one who will get a hold on a pastor or a celebrity and use them to put up the “heaven” signs along the road to hell.

The truth is, there are lots of ways to hell.  And there is only one way to life and His name is Jesus… and few will find it.  And the reason that I have to keep pointing this out is because there are so few people pointing this out.  Everyone just wants to hear the “good news” that everyone’s in heaven and all paths will get you there, even if it’s a lie.  Well folks, the fact that there is a way of escape is indeed Good News.  And if you and I fail to proclaim it, we’re just as guilty as those who the enemy uses to put those misleading “heaven” signs up.  We need to turn the “Heaven” signs in the right direction.





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