You’ll know when the time is right

Most Wednesdays I remove my phone from the case so I can plug it into the sound system in the church basement and listen to music and sermons as I prepare our community dinner.  My case has needed replaced for nearly a year.  I’ve repaired it over the last 10 months with silicone and duct tape.  This morning I went to get the case and the front half of it is gone.  Now I know what it was that fell in the trash can last night.  And the trash was taken out this morning.  I could go through the trash bag with all the nasty leftovers thrown away last night, but I’m just going to take this as a sign that the time is right to to buy a new case.

It’s always a challenge to know when the time is right.  Diane and I have often talked how we can see God one day calling us to become foreign missionaries.  I don’t know if God will call us to that, but I know we are both willing.  On the other hand that day might never come.  He may decide that I will remain a pastor in a local church.  We don’t just sit in a room praying and waiting about a task that may never come.  We do what God calls us to do today.  I don’t see Him ever calling us to foreign missions if we’re not doing the things that are before us this day.  And so we serve the Short Gap Church and invest ourselves into the community like we’re going to be here the rest of our lives, yet always aware that we serve Him at His will.  And when His will guides us in a different way, I pray we will know the time is right.

I pray that He makes His will obvious to you and that you are faithful in the things He has assigned for you in this season of your life.






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