And this is their testimony…. Joey & Rory

There is a husband and wife country music duo named Joey and Rory.  I’d honestly never heard of them until I read that the female part of the couple, Joey, had cancer and the treatments weren’t working and they had decided to discontinue treatments.  And they have decided to go home and live life and pray for a miracle.  They believe God can even if God doesn’t.  And they’re not angry.  They’re disappointed.  And they’re grateful.

Reading Rory’s blog post from Friday is heartbreaking.  Yet, they have the hope that this life is not all there is – that the One who created Joey, is waiting to welcome her into His presence when her life here is over.  And as sad as they are over the news from the doctors, Rory writes this, “So, even though we know we’ve reached the end of what medicine can do – and while we prepare for what God has put in front of us… Joey and I will continue to pray for a miracle.  We ask for your prayers too.  For a miracle.  And even more so, for peace with His decision.”

And this is their testimony.  In good times and bad times, on the mountaintops and in the valleys…  when they were on stage on their tour or when they are sitting on their back porch holding hands and crying…   In spite of their circumstances, that God is still gracious, loving, and kind.  And God can heal Joey even if He doesn’t.  And if He does, they will love Him and praise Him.  And if He doesn’t, they will love Him and praise Him.  This is the finest hour of their testimony.

You can read Rory’s blog here.

Here is a song they recorded in 2012 called “When I’m Gone” that you have to listen to:






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