Human Trafficking

In 2011 when I found out I was a diabetic I took classes at a local hospital to learn about diabetes.  I learned a lot and I learned that eating a big baked potato was the same as eating a Hershey bar to a diabetic.  They have the same amount of carbs and the potato will have the same impact on my blood sugar levels as a candy bar.  Sometimes I skip the potato and eat the candy bar or brownie.  I learned a lot in those classes and it has made all the difference.

Before I was educated about the disease, I mistakenly thought diabetes meant you just couldn’t eat sugar.  There are many things in life we make assumptions about.  This coming Sunday our church will have the opportunity to learn about something that almost none of us know anything about.  A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from our UMC district to see if we would host Nita Belles, author, anti-trafficking activist,  managing director of In Our Backyard, regional director of Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans, and former associate pastor.  She will be speaking in our church at all three worship services – 8:30, 9:30, and 11:00.  And you read that right – she is from Oregon.  Among other things, she commonly goes to rescue girls who have been kidnapped and are being used as prostitutes in the cities during Super Bowls.  It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about something that most of us know little or nothing about.

It’s my prayer that 1,000 people would share this blog post and 7,500 people would see it.  (I know it can be done.)  And it’s my prayer that people who go to every church in the area would attend one of our services Sunday, in addition to their own.  We will take up a special offering to give to Nina to help her with God’s mission.  You could come to our church at 8:30 and still make your own church at 10.  Or you can go to your church earlier and make our 11:00 worship, even if you’re a little late.

You can read more about the burden God has given Nita by clicking here. I sincerely pray that you will share this and that we will see you Sunday.




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