God’s grace defeats Satan’s accusations

It’s my experience that the enemy is an accuser.  He sows seeds of doubt and guilt and lets the world water them.  He tells us that we, because of our past, and now our present imperfections, can be of no use to the perfect God of the heavens and the earth, the God who created everything that was and is and is to come.  CS Lewis wrote, “Suspicion often creates what it suspects”, meaning if the enemy can only make us believe we are of no use to God, then we truly are of no use to God.  The irony is that believing God could not use someone like us is the only thing that can keep God from using someone like us!  The enemy tries to get us to keep fighting a fight that’s already been won.  And when the enemy tries this, we must remind him and ourselves that through Christ we’re forgiven of yesterday’s failings.

I read a devotion this morning that said we must break through moods, feelings, and emotions in order to be entirely devoted to Jesus.  What we sometimes fail to comprehend is that if God only used perfect people, there would be nobody to use.  Even the greatest prophets, kings, and disciples of Jesus in the Bible were flawed humans.  James 5:17 says, “Elijah was a human being, even as we are.”  And Elijah was one of the greatest men of the Bible.

I’m not saying that we purposely keep sinning just because we know sin has been defeated.  I am saying that just because you fall short and/or miss the mark, don’t let the enemy get you down.  It’s not in our failings that we’re defeated.  We’re defeated when we believe our failings can prevent us from serving and being used by Jesus.  God’s grace defeats Satan’s (and the world’s) accusations.

I invite you to listen to Francesca Battistelli’s “Free to Be Me”:





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One Response to God’s grace defeats Satan’s accusations

  1. Sandy says:

    Love reading your blogs! Song was Great!

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