As the devil gets more desperate

Everything on Facebook last night was about Paris, and rightfully so.  We were glued to the television for several hours.  Most of us weren’t watching cute cat videos or posting selfies.  We were watching satan roar.  Every once in a while we get a reminder that there is a desperate enemy at work in this world.  Sometimes we know it’s him and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes the enemy works on a local level and sometimes on a world wide level.  Sometimes he works through our court systems, using our very own man made laws to fight against God.  Sometimes he works through fear.  Often times he works through complacency.

But know this, as the day of Jesus’ return draws nearer (and I’m not a ‘world’s going to end any day’ preacher) the enemy keeps gaining more and more power and getting more and more desperate because he knows his days are numbered.  And he keeps drawing more and more people to his side.  It often seems like evil is winning, but do not despair.  Satan loses in the end.  False religions lose in the end.  Spiritual forces of wickedness lose in the end.

And you, dear reader, need to pick a side while you still have time.  Should you choose indifference and complacency, you have chosen the enemy’s side, not caring that people, possibly even yourself, are going to perish.  The only way to choose the winning side is to choose Jesus.  And choosing Him is not a path to comfort and ease in our society anymore.  But it’s the only choice that will make sense in the big picture of eternity.







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One Response to As the devil gets more desperate

  1. Tammy says:

    Well said! Satan’s days are numbered and he knows it!

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