Turning a “have to” into a “get to”

This morning I listened to a Francis Chan sermon and in it he said, “If everything in your walk with Jesus is ‘have to’ and not ‘get to’, you need to reevaluate your heart.”

How much do I have to give?  How much do I have to pray?  How much to I have to read the Bible?  How much do I have to sacrifice?  Do I have to let someone else take my spot on the church committee?  Do I have to go on a mission trip?  Do I have to pay for someone else to go on a mission trip that I really want to go on?  Do I have to fast in this day and age?

We tend to look at what is required to be a follower of Jesus.  If we instead look at things these things as things we “get to” do in Jesus’ name, it changes things.  And some times it’s almost as if we are playing mind games with ourselves.  For example, I would love to be a missionary.  And I think my wife Diane would love to be a missionary, too.  And I could easily have the attitude that I want to be a missionary, but I have to pastor a church instead.  And if I had that attitude, I would not be an effective pastor.  I know it’s an honor to get to pastor a church.

Have-to-vs-get-toAnd because I get to pastor a church, Diane and I have the honor of being used by God to raise support for missionaries.  I have no doubt that if we had the have to attitude, we would not be doing what God has called us to do, even if we are in the right place to do it – does that make sense?

So if you’re reading the Bible because you feel like you have to, you’re going to miss out on the blessing you would receive if you had the “get to” attitude.  You get to give, you get to pray, you get to sacrifice, you get to serve, you get to take a back seat and help others thrive.  And sometimes your get to is something Satan wants you to look at as a have to so you do in ineffectively and with a half hearted attitude.





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