What God’s will is not

IMG_5252Sometimes I find it very difficult to know what God’s will is for me.  I remember hearing a sermon one time and the preacher said, “God’s will is whatever”.  He said if you’re a teacher, you can teach 2nd grade or 5th grade, God’s OK with either as long as you glorify Him while you’re doing it.  You can have fish or spaghetti for dinner (or chicken breast at the church tonight) and He’s OK with that.  Sometimes God’s will can and does include options.

I passed this interesting road today and turned around to get a photo of it.  There are clearly three paths.  One appears safer and more smooth.  And it might be God’s will that you take the smoother path.  It’s not always His will that you take the tougher road.  But sometimes for some people the tougher road is His will.  And if you’re not sure, you just take one.  I believe He will honor your effort to choose the one you think He wants, even if it wasn’t the one.

What is often easier is to know what God does NOT want you to do.  In a Kenny Chesney song there is a line that says, “It’s always your favorite sins that do you in…”.  If we stay away from what we know God would not have us do, it will at least narrow our choices as we seek to make the choices he would have us make.





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