I’ll pray about it

Several of us went to see TobyMac last winter and they had a person speak on behalf of a child sponsorship program.  And the speaker told us that the majority of us didn’t even need to pray about sponsoring a child, that he had already prayed about it on our behalf and was sure that God wanted us to do it.  He was inferring that as long as you weren’t in bankruptcy or going through a divorce or had recently lost your job, that God would certainly be all for you sponsoring a child.  I tend to agree.  Diane and I didn’t sponsor one at the concert because we were already sponsoring two through Compassion International.

Sometimes we pray (one time) asking God to show us if we should do something.  Then, if we don’t get our “sign” we take it as a good excuse to say no.  While it never hurts to pray, sometimes the only reason to pray is to ask God if you should not do something.  “God, show me if there is any reason You would not have me do this…..”  When it comes to wonderful works like child sponsorships, mission trips, and working with the youth at church, there aren’t many reasons God would tell you not to get involved.

Don’t use prayer as an excuse to say no to good things God would approve of.  And remember:  “God doesn’t necessarily call the equipped, but he always equips the called.”






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