Everything that’s wrong with you…

A friend of mine made a noble Facebook post this morning talking about the difference between actions/reactions rooted in humility verses those rooted in self-righteousness.  He talked about attitudes that lead us in the right direction and attitudes that lead us in the wrong direction.  It was good advice.  The problem we face is that we just can’t do it.

We can’t fix ourselves.  Instead, our natural instinct is to fixate ON ourselves.  I started to list ways in which we focus on ourselves, but the list grew entirely too long.  Even doing good things for others springs from our own desire to ultimately gain something for ourselves.  Sometimes people say or write “Listen to your heart” or “Follow your heart”.  That’s not going to help.  Jeremiah 17:9 says that the human heart is deceitful, twisted, cunning, not to be trusted, and beyond help.  Your heart will lie to you and tell you that you aren’t that bad; and it will point out all the people who are worse than you to prove it.  The heart is selfish and egotistical.  The truth is that you and I are fallen – we are human and we are wrong more than we are right.  And we don’t have it within us to be anything else.  While there may be occasional sparks of good, it can never be sustained.  And in other cases, the heart will work exactly the opposite and tell you you’re not worth anything and that nobody likes you!  Can you see how deceiving and cunning the heart is?

The good news is that it is not a hopeless situation.  We are not hopeless.  You are not hopeless.  God loves you and wants to save you from yourself.  But your heart will tell you one of two things: 1.) that you don’t need His help or 2.) that He would never help you after all you’ve done.  The truth is found in the Bible.  You need to be saved.  God is willing to save you.  He knows you.  He knows everything you’ve done.  And He is willing to forgive it all and put a new nature in you – His nature by the power of His Spirit.  There is a punishment due for you, but it’s not due from you.  It’s been paid on the cross of Calvary by Jesus Christ.  And by His grace He will give you the faith to ask for forgiveness and be saved.  And you will begin to be a different person – one capable of living in the way my friend said in his post that we should live.  And as you keep reading God’s Word, praying, and living for Him, instead of occasional sparks of good, you will have only occasional sparks of bad.

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for Your gift of salvation that is needed by everyone and available to anyone.  I want to be one who does not waste the opportunity to be saved by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection from the dead.  I’m sorry for the ways in which I’ve sinned.  I ask You to forgive me of my sins and thank You that Your Word says you will if I but ask.  I’m asking.  Create in me a new and clean heart, helping me to become more like You the longer I live until that day that I leave this world to spend eternity with You.  I thank You, praise You, and call You my Savior and Lord.  I pray this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.”





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