Different Perspectives

Our country is divided over so many issues it’s crazy. And I purposely used the terminology “one view” when stating a perspective because there aren’t just two views – one and then another.  There are a myriad of views on every issue.  And you don’t have to agree with me and you don’t even have to read this.  I write from a perspective.

On abortion:

  • One view calls abortion murder.
  • One view calls it health care.

On marriage:

  • One view sees marriage as defined by God between one man and one woman.
  • One view sees marriage as the right of every American no matter what gender the other person is.

On immigration:

  • One view is that we should control who comes into our country.
  • One view is we should have open borders to our country.

On Islam:

  • One view is that Islam teaches violence and that a small percentage of the followers are radical and willing to kill non-Muslims, while a much larger percentage of followers would admit that they approve, were they being honest.
  • One view is the small percent who are killers are not really Muslims and are trying to hijack a peaceful religion.

On guns:

  • One view is that more responsible people should personally be carrying guns. (West Virginia)
  • One view is we are safer with less people having guns. (Maryland – where you have to apply and have a valid reason you ‘need’ to carry a gun)

And gender talk and gender identity?  I can’t even keep up:

  • One view is that you are what you are born as.
  • One view is you can be whatever you say you are, regardless of your “private parts”.

And if we’re going to follow Jesus, He calls us to love them all, even if we can’t agree what love means.

  • One view is that you show love through acceptance.
  • One view is that you show love through correction.





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