Slipping by security

IMG_5291You know those things that they have that you walk through when you enter and exit a store?  If you’ve never had one go off, you must be in the minority.  I have several times when a clerk has not demagnetized an item I bought.  The other day I saw a teenager go around the security exit at the local Rite Aid.  In the photo, there is a small gap between where the thing is set up and the glass doors that open.  He avoided walking through it.

My first instinct was that he must have stolen something.  The cashier didn’t see him do it and when I told the cashier, he shrugged it off.  I took this picture knowing that in a day or two I would be blogging about it.  What I immediately thought of was that so many people act as if they’ll be able to sneak in to heaven.  The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is necessary for salvation.  God made a way for us to have eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus.  And there will be no avoiding security or sneaking in through another door.  There is one Way and it is narrow at that.





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One Response to Slipping by security

  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for that message!

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