Bomb threat for Christmas Eve Worship in Denton TX

Someone shared a video about a bomb threat mailed in to two churches in Denton, TX warning them they’d better not have Christmas Eve worship tonight.  They interviewed the pastor (you can watch it here) of one of the churches, which happens to be the largest church in Denton and expects 5,000 people for church tonight.  They are not cancelling worship.  I don’t really think the pastor thinks there will be a bomb.  And they will have a pretty large police presence.  It’s my assumption that at any church in Texas on any given Sunday, there are plenty of people in the congregation that are licensed to carry guns and several have a gun with them.  So if anyone shows up to do others harm, the cavalry is already in the house.  But I digress.

While they have to be taken seriously, bomb threats really make no sense.  If you really wanted to cause the most harm, you would give no warning and you would just place the bomb and set it to go off at the appropriate time.  The fact there is a “warning” is just to disrupt something.  A warning is a means to try to get a party to change their behavior.  If I were preaching at that church tonight.  I would talk about warnings.  Yes, it’s a miracle that Jesus came to earth as the Son of God, born of a virgin.  Yes, it’s a miracle He grew up to live the perfect life and die on the cross to pay the price for our sins.  But how sad that people are no longer believing the warning that He’s coming back one day.  Or the warning that when you die, you will not go to heaven to be with Him without receiving forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus.

The fact is that 2,000 years have gone by and most people no longer heed the warning to repent and turn to Jesus.  Most people don’t take the warning that we must follow Him seriously.  Most people don’t take the warning to live a holy life seriously.  We act as if we can make a side deal with God so that our behavior is acceptable to Him.  He’s given us the warnings in and through His Word so that you might change.  That receiving His offer of forgiveness, you would change how you live the rest of this life which will change how you live eternity.  Unlike the warning of the bomb, the warnings from Scripture are for our good.




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One Response to Bomb threat for Christmas Eve Worship in Denton TX

  1. Good way to turn a possible tragedy into a Christian message.

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