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Are you Spiritually alive?

The most transformative book I’ve read about the role of a pastor is Bill Easum’s A Second Resurrection.  The premise of the book is that most of the American church is spiritually dead.   Of course, the people are the … Continue reading

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Income inequality

“Income inequality” is one of the catch phrases for the Democratic party (just like “Islamic terrorism” is for the Republicans).  The terms get their respective bases fired up.  ‘The 98%’ or ‘the 99%’  is another popular term.  This morning I … Continue reading

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It was with me all the time

I went to the bank today to cash a check I’ve had for a while.  Standing in the lobby of the bank, I couldn’t find the check.  Believing I must have left it at home, I drove about 6 miles … Continue reading

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Modern Day Psalms

I know people sometimes make fun of contemporary Christian music.  However, I have no doubt that God is using much of it to reach, encourage, and challenge His people.  What we sometimes fail to grasp is that many of the … Continue reading

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Hang in there

Last night Diane and I went to church in Fort Bragg, CA.  The preacher was talking about David, who was announced as the future king by Samuel.  Whenever I hear this preached, I never hear my favorite part.  1 Sam … Continue reading

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What’s Your Opinion?

  As we use a certificate, leave a hotel, return a rental car, or even eat at a fast food restaurant, the businesses want our opinion.  How was the service?  How was the food?  What can we do to make … Continue reading

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Whatever you’re going through 

Diane and I are in San Francisco for a few days and are then driving up the coast for a couple days before flying home.  Last night she wasn’t going to “tag” me at the Petite Auberge (our hotel).  I … Continue reading

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