Whatever you’re going through 

Diane and I are in San Francisco for a few days and are then driving up the coast for a couple days before flying home.  Last night she wasn’t going to “tag” me at the Petite Auberge (our hotel).  I told her to check me in with her so it comes up as a memory in a year.  A year ago this week we were on a 4 day trip to Key West with our sons Adam and Matt.  It’s a great memory.  

I know a lot of people going through some difficult times- a lot of people.  As a pastor, a lot of people tell me things. I also see a lot of things on Facebook where people ask for prayer for difficult times.  And here’s what I’ve come to know.   

 Just like when I’m able to look back and see a picture of Adam wearing a lime green visor a year ago at Key West because he lost a bet with Matt, I’m also able to look back at the more difficult times in life and see where God has been there- even if I didn’t notice Him at the time.  

Whatever it is you’re going through, today, or when you do face future difficulties in life, my prayer for you is that you realize even as you’re going through the storm, that God is indeed at work in the situation. And even if you can’t see it at the time, one day the memory will pop up and you will look back and see it.  And perhaps, just perhaps, with the knowledge that you will be able to look back and see it, that will be your saving grace as you go through it. 





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