Hang in there

Last night Diane and I went to church in Fort Bragg, CA.  The preacher was talking about David, who was announced as the future king by Samuel.  Whenever I hear this preached, I never hear my favorite part.  1 Sam 16:19-23 lets us know that after David is anointed by Samuel to be the future King, David went back to tending the sheep.  

You and I might have handled it differently.  You or I may have said “let someone else go back out to the field- it stinks out there, it gets cold at night, and it’s no place for a king.”  

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that once we become a child of God through Jesus, that we should no longer have the problems we had before.  We tend to think that we should be elevated to a higher position or a life of comfort.  

But any time I think I deserve more, I always think of the story of David.  I remember that even though he had this promise from God, that until it was fulfilled he was sent back to the field: back to the same job with the same challenges.  And even though you and I have this great inheritance as children of the King, we keep on keeping on in this life.
The one thing that should change is our attitude.  David went back to the field, being the best shepherd he could be, waiting on God’s promise. You and I must do the job each day that God has given us.  However difficult, monotonous, or stressful, we do our best even as we wait for His promise to be fulfilled.  And knowing it will be fulfilled one day, and knowing He has ordained this day and every day until that day, we work and pray and do our best today.  Hang in there. 




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One Response to Hang in there

  1. I had not heard that about David. Some interesting and very true thoughts.

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