It was with me all the time

I went to the bank today to cash a check I’ve had for a while.  Standing in the lobby of the bank, I couldn’t find the check.  Believing I must have left it at home, I drove about 6 miles home to get the check.  When I got home, I couldn’t find it.  After looking everywhere nearly to the point of becoming frantic, I finally felt the pocket of the flannel shirt I had on.  And there it was.  The check was in my flannel shirt pocket.  I don’t remember putting it there.  But when I found it I realized that I had unnecessarily driven home and unnecessarily worried.  At the time, however, I didn’t really think I had it with me.

Sometimes that’s how we are about God and His Spirit.  We have many promises from Him that He will never abandon His children, that He will never leave them, that He will be with them/us through it all.  But too many times, when things go bad I have a tendency to wonder why He has abandoned me.  I wonder why He didn’t see this coming.  Why didn’t He prevent this?  And then I remember that His promise wasn’t that He would keep me from trouble.  His promise was and is that He will be with me through the trouble.  And rather than get frantic, I need to remind myself that He is with me.  Like the check that was in my pocket the whole time, He’s always with me.  As my friend David Cartwright said in his sermon this past week, “It’s not about how you feel, but about how you trust.”  Whatever it is you are going through or go through, He’s with you.  It’s just that sometimes we don’t realize it until later.  Listen to Matt Redman’s, “You Never Let go”:





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