This freaky plant and Lent

IMG_5981I love plants.  We have a peace lily that’s 13 years old.  We have a snake plant that belonged to Diane’s grandmother that has to be over 30 years old, still in her grandmother’s pot.  I have a plant in my office from last year’s Palm Sunday worship, almost a year ago.  This crazy palm plant seems to be in a state of limbo.  It’s still green and has a new shoot coming out, but the new shoot’s been the same for a few months now.  It doesn’t appear to be dying, yet also doesn’t appear to be growing.  If I didn’t know better, I would think it was a fake plant.

As the church enters the Lenten season, it’s a good time for us as individuals to take inventory of our own Spiritual growth.  One of the favorite illustrations that I’ve used in church to talk about our Spiritual lives is that of a “You Are Here” circle in a shopping mall.  I’ve said several times that if our walk with Christ had a “You Are Here” circle like the mall, many people’s circle wouldn’t have moved from this day last year.  They’d be on the same circle in the same place.  Like this plant, they look alive, but don’t look any different than last week, last month, or last year.

There are others who are definitely not in the same spot.  Some people are showing tremendous growth.  That’s exciting.  Of course it’s a big step when you move from non-Christian to Christian.  But sadly, some people never move or grow again.  (Think people who are constantly talking about “being fed”.)  How about you?  Are you on the move?  Are you growing?  If not, why not do something different this year?  Go on a mission trip.  Lead a home Bible or book study.  Start a daily journal detailing how you see and experience God.  These are just a few ideas that, if you undertook, would most certainly result in Spiritual growth.  If you change nothing, don’t expect anything to change.





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