Letting others do the “clicking” on click bait links

Screenshot from 2016-02-13 11:39:57Anyone who is on Facebook has given in to the temptation of clicking on an article that has piqued your curiosity, only to have pop-up ads and/or having to click and click and click and/or having to scroll down and down…… you’re shaking your head yes right now.  I have starting clicking on the “show comments” to see what people write, as I’m sure some of you also do.  The comments almost always tell enquiring minds what the payoff/answer is for all the work, making it unnecessary to go through it ourselves.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a relationship with Jesus, people can tend to take the same approach.  People can think that they can use their mother or father’s relationship with Jesus to be saved.  Or parents sometimes forget that young people have to grow up and choose Christ for themselves.  Oh, how we wish we could choose Him for others.  That’s what makes it a personal relationship with Jesus.  It’s not that “personal” means private, but it means choosing Jesus for oneself.

We can raise kids up in church to help them to be more inclined to believe.  We can live lives as an example to others, showing that we’re not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.  But none of us will enter eternity based on anyone’s faith but our own.  Nobody else can do it for us.







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