45 degrees in the spring and fall

I need to lose a few pounds that I’ve gained over the winter.  Then if I do that, I could really stand to lose a few extra.  I hover around 200 pounds (my driver’s license says 195, why do they even ask?)

Last night it occurred to me that if someone who had weighed 350 pounds that was competing on the Biggest loser got to my weight, he’d feel like wearing Speedos.  (Don’t worry.)  And on the other hand, someone who weighed 150 and typically ran  marathons would feel like a fat tub of goo (an obscure reference to David Letterman calling Terry Forster this in the mid 80’s) at 200 pounds.

And while I know many people struggle with body issues, today’s post isn’t about that.

Today’s post is about who or what you compare yourself to.  I could have also talked about driving down the road with the temperature at 45 degrees in early October with the car heater on verses 45 degrees in February driving with the window down.  I also remember a 95 year old saying she’d give anything to be 86 again.  It’s all about perspective.

When we think about whether we’re a good person, we most generally compare ourselves to the “bad people” we know or see on the news.  We don’t compare ourselves to the best people we know.  It’s the problem with the “going to heaven because I’m a good person” crowd.  It’s all based on who you compare yourself to.  And Jesus is the one we must compare ourselves to when it comes to being good enough for heaven.  And we all fall short. So I don’t condemn you and you don’t condemn me.  I admit my failings and I’m able to tell you that you also aren’t good enough – no matter how “good” you are.

We can rejoice that the One who created us did not leave us in this predicament.  He sent His son to live the perfect life and He’s willing to give you and me credit for that life instead of our own.  He gives us His righteousness if we believe this and ask for forgiveness.  And that makes us perfect in His eyes – no matter our temporary human imperfections.






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