Bet you can’t name a city without an E in it

Bet you can’t name a city without an E in it.  Short Gap.  Hahahahahaha!  See I did it!  Bet you can’t name a name without an E.  Oscar!!!!!  I’m so smart!!!!!!  Click like if you can read this upside down – 90% of the people can’t.  I must be in the top 10 percentile of smart people, because I can read the upside down things.  Or click here to see who’s been looking at your Facebook profile.  There was an article on Fox News’ web site about the dangers on clicking on links like that and falling for the “click like if this…  or click share if that….” posts.  There are people “out there” trying to deceive you and who mean you harm.  Really, what have we proven by naming a city that begins with C?  We have proven that we’re gullible.

I saw someone I know at the bank a few weeks ago who told me that Microsoft had called them and told them their computer and all the information on it had been compromised.  The person went to the computer clicked and put in the information that “Microsoft” told them to and the person, who was not with Microsoft by the way, stole all their passwords, bank information, credit card information, etc.  My friend was at the bank to close out accounts and open new ones.  That is serious stuff.  We need to be alert and educate ourselves so that we don’t fall for the traps.

But those things pale in comparison to eternal things.  There was a time when our country believed in the 10 commandments and displayed them in public places, had teacher-led Christian prayer in schools, and a common question in small towns was “where do you go to church?”  (Not “DO you…”)  But as America has continued sliding down the slippery slope of the enemy’s deceit and lies, our country has had it’s identity stolen.  The enemy has convinced 40 percent of the country to call abortion “healthcare”.   How have we digressed to the point of calling what is in reality killing babies living in the womb “healthcare”?  Allowing men to use women’s public restrooms?  How crazy is that?  No matter how anyone tries to rationalize it, it’s crazy.  And in 10 years, it will be the norm.  Schools are not allowed to sing “Away in a Manger” in a Christmas program, if they’re still allowed to call it a Christmas program.  And the enemy has convinced good people to call these things progress.  These issues are just symptoms of the problem.  The problem is we’ve been hacked by the enemy, who wants us to believe there is no truth anymore.  This enemy offers us the ability to live how ever we want – everything is permissible.  And we love worldly pleasure more than we love God so we swallow the bait.

I know I simply sound like an old man who can’t get with the new ways.  While part of that may be true, I also know what God expects of me.  So I will continue to offer words of comfort and hope (such as in my sermon yesterday), but I am also called to warn people to turn from the evils of this world to a God who can and will redeem.  God is still on His throne and anything is possible with Him.  My job is not to cater to the whims of a lost society, but to encourage people to keep their anti-virus software up to date and not fall for the enemy’s tricks, as so many have.  And if you have, thanks be to God that you can always change your account number.





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