How Did I Miss That?

IMG_6078-0We have something we’ve always called a snake plant.  It belonged to Diane’s grandmother who died almost 30 years ago.  I have a plant in my office that I started from that 30+ year old plant.  In 30+ years the one at home never bloomed.  The plant in my office recently bloomed.  The bummer is that, because of where the plant is in the window and how it’s positioned, I didn’t realize it until the bloom was already done and dead.  I missed it.  Perhaps it will bloom again.  I’ll certainly be on the lookout now that I know.

Jesus tells a parable in the book of Luke of a rich man who lived a comfortable life, but went to hell when he died.  He was able to see Abraham and asked Abraham to send someone to tell his brothers so they don’t end up in the place of agony with him.  Abraham said they have their chance.  They have been warned.  The choice is theirs.  The rich man had to be wondering how he missed the warnings himself.

One day, each of us is going to die and stand before the one who made us.  When that day comes, it will be too late to make a decision.  We will not be able to say we weren’t warned.  Each one of us has had the opportunity to choose or deny Jesus.  You can still choose Jesus today.  And if you do, you choose life.  And if you have already chosen Him (which most of the readers of my blog have), thank Him today that you didn’t miss the chance.  Don’t miss your chance.





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