It’s hard to focus and easy to stray

This morning I was in the kitchen at the church and there was a fly flying around.  I had the fly swatter, but I was having difficulty on two fronts.  First, I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see very well if he was on a cabinet door, ceiling, etc.  And second, I have these things called “floaters” in my eyes.  I’ve had them since I was a kid.  The best way I can describe them is they are like little black dots and slashes that drift around in my eyes and I can see them floating around.  Without my glasses and with the floaters, I kept thinking I was seeing the fly, but I wasn’t.  It was almost impossible for me under those circumstances to kill the fly…..  almost.

I related that to my walk with Jesus.  The one thing that I wish you all could understand is how pastors are so easily distracted in their walk with Jesus, at least this pastor.  It wasn’t too long ago I was sitting in the pews of the church instead of standing before the church on Sunday mornings.  And from the pews, I always just assumed that my pastor had the “Jesus thing” all figured out and under control.  I never thought about my pastor being on his own walk with Jesus.  My perspective as one who sat in the congregation was that he was leading and teaching the congregation in something that he had already perfected – a walk/relationship with Jesus.

I know I am currently called to be a pastor.  I know I am currently called to lead the congregation of Wesley Chapel in Short Gap.  As I do that imperfectly, I am also imperfectly following Jesus.  And I have to be careful that the work of the ministry strengthens my own personal walk with Christ and doesn’t distract me from my own personal walk.  And if that sounds selfish, I haven’t explained myself very well in today’s blog.  I’m working on a personal relationship with Jesus just as you are.  And sometimes I find it almost impossible to focus on Him…..  almost.  But He’s a gracious God who forgives us of yesterday’s failings and gives us a new chance today.  And tomorrow He will do the same.






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