Earning and Spending God’s Money

Someone recently called me at the church saying they needed baby diapers and some other things and wondered if we could help.  I found it strange that she said someone in her church told her to call us.  I told her we couldn’t give her money, but if she would give me a list of what she needed, I would buy whatever it was and she could pick it up at the church.  She said thanks anyhow and hung up.  Apparently she wanted cash.  I know the Bible commands us to help the poor.  It also directs us to be good caretakers of our money – which is really God’s money. When it comes to the church’s money, I feel the same responsibility to be a good steward.  That is why I try my best to not just give out cash to people.  To give them cash and then have them use it for purposes other than what they are stating is not helpful to them.  Sometimes it’s enabling someone who really needs help.

I am also always cognisant of the fact that the church pays me.  I always want to feel like I’ve earned my pay.  I could not imagine cheating Jesus out of what He is paying me through the church – His church.  I’ve been blessed that the churches I’ve served have been generous with pay raises.  And I want to publicly thank them and let them know that I do not take my calling and their support (that I may live out my calling) for granted.  (No, we don’t have a meeting about my pay anytime soon, lol.)





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