Where you go for redemption (Spoiler Alert)

Wow.  Just wow.  It’s amazing to me how many times I read the Bible and God reveals something I’ve never seen or heard before.  Spoiler Alert:  This will surely come up in one of the three sermons I preach this coming weekend, so if you don’t want the surprise spoiled you can quit reading now. It may even end up being my Easter sermon.  So seriously, if you want to hear it fresh this coming weekend, go ahead and exit out of today’s blog.  (On the other hand, this may be old news to you.)

This morning I was reflecting on Matthew 26 and 27, which tells of Jesus’ final few days.  I always loved what I had heard one preacher preach before: that if Judas had just hung in there for three days (no pun intended), Jesus would have surely forgiven him.  And I believe that to be true.  And that’s a good message.  Sometimes we just need the faith and strength to hang in there, wait things out, and see God work in miraculous ways.

But this morning God pointed out to me for the first time in Matthew 27 that Jesus was still alive when Judas hung himself!!!!  I am blown away by this.  And instead of having the faith to go to Jesus and confess and ask for forgiveness for what he had done, Judas went to the chief priests and elders and confessed to them,  “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.”  Predictably, Judas did not receive forgiveness from them instead receiving indifference:  “What do we care about that?  That’s your business!”  Judas threw down the thirty pieces of silver and went and hung himself.

Oh, Judas!!!  You went to the wrong place for forgiveness!  Oh, Judas.  Why did you not go to Jesus?  You could have yelled from the crowd when Pilate was asking which prisoner the people wanted freed.  He would have heard you and surely forgiven you.  Oh, Judas.  I weep for what could have been.  You could have been the best redemption story in the Bible.  He will forgive anything.

This is definitely an Easter worthy message.





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3 Responses to Where you go for redemption (Spoiler Alert)

  1. I agree with you, wow, I have never thought of Judas that way. That totally changed my view of him. Thanks for the insight.

  2. I have been saving this blog since when it was posted to use in a sermon and I just wanted to say that it fit perfectly, so thank you!

    • I know that you have been a constant encourager for me for quite a while. Thank you! You are always welcome to use/alter anything you read on my posts. Everything belongs to the Lord. Prayers for you sermon!

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