Fooled into thinking it’s summer

It’s April 1.  This is not an April Fools blog, even though I was fooled early this morning by my neighbor’s Facebook post that school was cancelled due to a water problem.  You’ll probably be fooled by something or someone today, if you have not been already.

Next week we will be reminded that it is only Spring.  With temperatures predicted to fall below freezing at night and daytime highs in the 40’s, we will be complaining because the recent warm temperatures have fooled us.  Summer is not here.  The pleasant days have only been a hint of Summer.  The extended forecast shows snow showers a week from tomorrow!  No fooling.  If we would just remember that the warm days are a blessing in a tumultuous time of the year, it would not come as such a shock when the snow flurries fly in April.  The promise of Spring is that there will be a mixture of weather: some warm, some cold, some rain, some snow.

We can also be fooled as to what to expect as followers of Jesus.  Too many people are fooled into believing that a Christian life is nothing but a series of good things, with no trouble.  If we would only remember that Jesus’ promise to His followers was not and is not a life of comfort, popularity, and prosperity, we would not be so distraught when the turbulence comes.  The promise was actually the opposite.  There are going to be difficult times.  The world (the society we live in) is not always going to like us.  There will be suffering at times.  But this life is like a trip through Spring.  It has good days and bad days.  It has days you just want to stay in bed, and days you want to ride a motorcycle.  Days you want to take on the world and days you want to hide from it.   We only get hints of “Summer”.  Christians live in an almost, but not yet fulfilled Kingdom of God.  So weather the storms knowing that they are to be expected in this season of our lives.  It’s not summer yet and we’re not in heaven yet.





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  1. Tammy says:

    Good comparison!

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