A Security Monitor

There is a commercial in which a place is being robbed.  There is a man dressed in a uniform that everyone assumes will do something to prevent the robbery.  He says that he’s not technically a security guard, but rather a security monitor.  His job is only to notify someone that there’s a robbery, not stop the holdup or save anyone.  It’s one of those commercials that I can’t remember what they are advertising, even though I remember the commercial. 

As someone who has the opportunity to preach the Gospel a couple of times a week, blog several times a week, and make written and audio sermons available to the entire world via the internet, I’m a little like the “security monitor” in the commercial.  All I can do is let people know about sin, let people know about the forgiveness available through Jesus, and let people know that Jesus expects us to follow Him when we accept salvation and become His child.  I don’t actually have the ability to save anyone.  I can relate to the guy in the commercial.  I do all I can do by telling people.  And Lord, have mercy on me if I fail to earn people. 





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