Purple Coneflowers and Love

IMG_6390I planted some purple coneflower seeds from a baggie that I had saved the seeds in quite a while back – 11 years ago to be exact.  “2005 Purple Coneflower” was written on it.  I have no clue if they would still bloom, so I planted them.  It’s been about a month and I’m starting to doubt.  Then a little sprout comes up.  I’m not sure if that’s one of the coneflower seeds sprouting or perhaps a weed leftover from the dirt I used.  You can barely see the sprout to the left of the penny.  There’s something there, I’m just not sure yet what it is.  One thing’s for sure, whatever it is, it is.  If it is a coneflower, I have no right to say it’s not.  And if it’s not, I have no right to say it is.  There is a truth about it, one way or the other.

It makes me think of the American church today.  There’s something there, I’m just not sure what it is.  Is the church of God or has the church lost it’s way?  Is the church serving God, serving society, or serving self? Is the church (the people) looking into the Bible to find direction and truth or is the church looking to the Bible to justify disobedience and sin calling it love?  One thing’s for certain.  There is truth in the Bible.  And the truth of the Bible is not going to be popular in our society.  It was never meant to be.  Some people think that the church has to embrace the sin of the world in order for the church to be relevant and accepted.  Jesus never meant for the church to be accepted by society.  And if we think it’s loving to condone sin and let people die in their sin, we’ve misunderstood what Jesus meant by love.  It may look like love to some people, but it’s not by God’s Word.






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