Are we the dead we should be awaking?

The most difficult thing in the world for the church and for Christians individually is to recognize whether something is of God or is from the master counterfeiter, Satan.  We tend to pray for what we want and too often believe if we don’t get what we want that God is not answering our prayers – or even worse, that He expects us to pick up where He’s slacking and see to it ourselves that we get what we prayed for.  There are times when we pray and get what we wanted, only to find out later that what we thought was the Lord giving us an affirmative answer to our prayer was only a stumbling block thrown out there by the Enemy.  Satan sends his best right before God sends his best.

We can pray for things out of sympathy or personal desire instead of out of a desire for God and that’s counterproductive.  We rarely pray to be convinced of something, we usually pray to convince God of something.  Imagine if the disciples had prayed to convince God to spare Jesus the cross.  Imagine if Satan had convinced Moses, “Moses, your prayer has been answered, you were right when you said you weren’t the right guy for the job, and God does not want you to lead the people out of Egypt.  Forget all this nonsense and go back to Jethro’s flocks.”  Imagine if Satan can convince the church that as Christians, we are to have our society love us –  that our job is to condone the sins of our society rather than call people from their sin.  Our job is not to have our society love us – our job is to love them.

The problem is that our relationship with Jesus is not what it should be.  We don’t know the difference between the Shepherd’s voice and the imposter’s voice.  Yesterday I read Oswald Chambers who wrote, “We must always be reaching out for more of the Lord than we have already grasped. It is a bad thing to be satisfied spiritually.”  We act as if we can check the “Jesus box” and that’s done.  Saved and waiting for heaven.

If we’re not ALWAYS working on our relationship with Jesus, we can be deceived and  become like the spiritually dead we are called to awaken.





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