The real me

hackedOccasionally I get a friend request on Facebook from someone I’m already friends with.  I’m sure you have, too.  I fell for it once, but now I know that the second account is an imposter and I need to ignore it.  And it’s not always that someone is hacked.  An imposter started a Facebook account as Reverend Franklin Graham with Rev. Graham’s picture and was sending friend requests to people.  If you’re friends with him on Facebook, you’re friends with a fraud because it’s not really him.

I’m reminded of a comedian I heard one time who said he never worried about identity theft.  He said, “My credit stinks, my girlfriend left me, I don’t have a real job, and I’m ugly.  Nobody would want to be me.”

I think we’re all a little guilty of being deceptive about who we really are.  Sometimes we pretend things don’t hurt us when they do.  Sometimes we pretend we’re strong when we’re not.  Sometimes we act like we have it all together when we’re really so confused.  We have a tendency to put up a facade – a false front.  And I know why we would do it.  We don’t want people to think less of us.  We don’t trust very many people enough to let them see the “real me”.  And while that may work with people, it does not work with God.

He knows you.  He made you.  He loves you – the real you: the broken, hurt, confused, weak, depressed, questioning you.

A.W. Tozer wrote, “…how unutterably sweet is the knowledge that our Heavenly Father knows us completely. No talebearer can inform on us, no enemy can make an accusation stick; no forgotten skeleton can come tumbling out of some hidden closet to abash us and expose our past; no unsuspected weakness in our characters can come to light to turn God away from us, since He knew us utterly before we knew Him and called us to Himself in the full knowledge of everything that was against us.”

There is a friend request waiting for you.  It’s from the One who accepts you with all your baggage.  It is from the one who can free you from that same baggage.  You don’t have to try to be who you’re not.  Accept it.  Go to Him as you are, with the assurance that He will accept you as you are.  And perhaps as you continue to “share” with Him and He with you, and as your relationship with Him grows, just perhaps He will make you more into the person you so often pretend to be – confident, faithful, and full of joy.





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One Response to The real me

  1. Thanks for sharing A.W. Tozer’s words, I had never read that. Quite enlightening.

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